General Conditions of Affiliation (GCA)

Article 1: Contract - application

These general conditions of affiliation (hereinafter referred to as GCA) apply exclusively to the present and future commercial relations existing between Ultron LLC, ("we"), editor of the website, hereinafter referred as the "Affiliator"and any natural or legal person, creating an Affiliate account on the site, below referred to as "the Affiliate". The Affiliate adheres to these GCA, without restriction or reservation, by simply registering on the site If the user of this affiliate service does not accept these GCA, he is requested not to use the services offered by the Affiliator. The Affiliate can consult the CGAs simply, freely and at any time on the Affiliator's website.

Article 2: Registration for the affiliate program

To become a member of the affiliate program, you must complete the Affiliate request form available on the site The Affiliator reserves the right to accept or reject any request for affiliation, without having to justify this decision. The Affiliator reserves the right at any time, without compensation and without having to justify its decision, to suspend or delete the links or even the Affiliate's account if it does not respect the image of the Affiliator or does not respect its commercial principles.

Article 3 : Spam

The Affiliator cannot tolerate or endorse spam. Any Affiliate who is actively engaged in spamming will be removed from the Program. The commission will not be paid if it results from or is linked to spamming. Affiliates are not authorized to carry out eDM communications (direct marketing by e-mail) advertising the brand of the site Unauthorized eDM communications include, but are not limited to, unsolicited email (spam), advertising spamming, or spoofing of IP addresses.

Article 4 : Keywords

Affiliates are not authorized to buy domains including variants or similar spellings of, NOR to use keywords or key phrases including variants or similar spellings of nicolas anelka training including but not limited to keywords containing "nicolas anelka training", in any form whatsoever, to a pay per click search engine. Affiliates are also not permitted to use nicolas anelka training trademarks or any approximate variant or spelling of nicolas anelka training. This includes, in particular, the following search engines: Google, MSN, Yahoo !, Bing and Ask. Affiliates are not authorized to use combinations of "brand terms + generic terms" to obtain preferential listings on search engines, directories or other types of online databases including, but not limited to, Google, Yahoo !, MSN, Bing and Ask. If the Affiliate has any doubts as to what is or is not allowed by the Terms, it is their responsibility to seek advice from the account The Affiliate acknowledges the risks of Google’s expanded / extended matching functionality and that the Company strongly recommends that the Affiliate include the terms “nicolasanelkatraining” and “” in negative keywords in all campaigns to avoid the risk of appearing on nicolasanelkatraining brand terms. All clicks must first land on the Affiliate’s site, and the website user must click from the Affiliate’s site to Clicks should never land directly on Hidden overlays and URLs are NOT allowed. The Affiliate is not permitted to place banners or links in unsolicited email, unauthorized posts on a newsgroup, forums or using "bots". Illegally generated traffic will not be subject to commissions. The Affiliate is not authorized to bid on or use nicolasanelkatraining trademarks to obtain preferential listings on search engines, directories or any other type of online database. The Affiliate acknowledges that the Company continuously monitors activity on search engines, including Google, Yahoo !, Bing and MSN. The Affiliate undertakes not to generate confusion in the minds of users between the site and any other site.

Article 5: Advertising content

The Affiliate agrees to cooperate fully with the Affiliator in the use and maintaining of links and other promotional tools provided by the Affiliator. The Affiliator makes available to the Affiliate a subscription tracking tool materialized by a link. This link allows Internet users to be redirected to the Affilieur site and to subscribe to the offers. This link also makes it possible to follow electronically the actions of Internet users on the Affilieur site, including subscriptions. In return for the subscriptions made on, the Affiliator remunerates the Affiliate on the basis of a commission on the subscriptions made thanks to these said links. The Affiliate may use as many affiliate links as they wish on the site (s) that it submits to the Affiliate for approval. In addition, the Affiliate agrees: To use the complete code for banners, links and other promotional tools (including the tracking codes they contain) and not to modify or delete any part of the code; To use on the Affiliate's website (s), display only the graphic or textual images provided by the Affiliate; Update these images using new images provided by the Company, or by the Affiliate Network Provider on behalf of the Affiliator; Display these graphic and / or text images visibly in the relevant sections of the Affiliate's website (s); To display only the graphic and / or text images respecting the durations possibly notified and ensure that they are no longer displayed after the expiration of any promotional periods linked to these graphic and / or text images; Not to copy or reproduce in an approximate way the appearance of the website and not to let users think that its website represents the Company and / or the nicolasanelkatraining activity; and Not to falsely present or embellish the relationship between himself and the Company;

Article 6: Accounting and payment of Commissions

The amount of the affiliate's commissions is set between the Affiliator and the Affiliate. Subscriptions made by the Affiliate do not give rise to commissions. Only firm subscriptions (firm sales), i.e. those that have not been reimbursed, will be recorded for the payment of commissions. Users reimbursed for their subscription costs cannot be counted. The payment of commissions will be made every Forty-five (45) days, by Paypal or Transferwise. The tax and social declarations are the responsibility of the Affiliate in order to be in compliance with the laws in force in his country. Any exchange costs are the responsibility of the Affiliate.

In addition, the Affiliator reserves the right to change the percentage of commissions at any time. When this is the case, the changes will be notified by email to all Affiliates.

Article 7: Technical means - Fraud

The Affiliate recognizes the full capacity of the Affiliator to evaluate subscriptions and calculate commissions through the affiliation system of the site. The Affiliator will take into account only the firm subscriptions necessary to determine the commissions. The Affiliator is available to the Affiliate for any questions regarding statistics. Any attempted fraud will result in the immediate and final closure of the Affiliate's account and the non-payment of amounts due. An email with acknowledgment of receipt will confirm this closure.

Article 8: Duration of the contract - Termination

The general conditions of membership are worth contract with the Affiliate. The contract between the Affiliate and the Affiliator is concluded for a period of three (3) months. It will be renewed by tacit agreement. Either party may terminate it after sending an email with acknowledgment of receipt, at any time and as of right, without compensation.

Article 9: Retention of title

All elements (texts, photos, slogans, technical elements ...) made available to the affiliate remain the property of the Affiliator. Likewise, contact details and information concerning customers from the Affiliate are the exclusive property of the Affiliator. The Affiliate has no rights to this data of any type and may in no case claim property. Any fraudulent use for commercial purposes may be prosecuted.

Article 10: Modification of the website

Any change in the name of the site as well as any change in its hosting, its size, its object, its frequency of update, will have no effect on the affiliation contract which will apply from full right and automatically. The contract covers all hosting,  object, size of this site, present or future.

Article 11: Protection of personal data

All personal data that the Affiliate entrusts to the Affiliator is in order to manage the affiliation. The Affiliate has the right to access, rectify and delete data concerning him. To exercise this right, he must write to By joining the affiliate program, the Affiliate acknowledges having read this personal data protection policy and consents to the Affiliator collecting and using this data.

Article 12 : Responsabilities

The Affiliator cannot be held responsible for the non-performance of the contract concluded in the event of force majeure. The Affiliator cannot be held liable for damages. In any case, the Affiliator will not be required to compensate the Affiliate for a loss of operation, profit or loss.

Article 13: Settlement of any disputes

These General Conditions of Affiliation are governed by and interpreted in accordance with the law of the Emirate of Dubai. In the event of a dispute over the interpretation or the execution of the Affiliate program, the dispute shall, in the absence of an amicable agreement, fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of the USA. The Affiliator is available by phone or email to try to resolve any differences with the Affiliate amicably.

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