Find here some testimonials of incredible body transformations thanks to the TLNA program

Blaise Matuidi - Juventus - World Champion Football 2018

"Thanks to this method I was able to explode my performances. In fact, upon my return to the club, the tests carried out proved that I had increased my muscle mass, reduced the percentage of fat mass, significantly improved my cardio (VO2 Max, VMA), as well as my resistance to the production of lactic acid. . My teammate Medhi Benatia who also followed this method had the same effects. We were able to finish the season in cannonball and regain 1st place in the championship, but i especially arrived in great shape for the 2018 World Cup. The year after I continued to train with Coach Meddy and I was one of the few who did not experience post-World Cup injuries. If you want real, fast and lasting results, this is the method for you."
Benjamin Greys - DJ international 
"I wanted  to get a six pack and gain a little lean muscle mass, not being a professional sportman, I was not necessarily looking to improve my performance, but above all to feel fit and healthy and have a healthy lifestyle. It is a very effective method which allowed me to get very fast results while having a blast!"
Michael Donavan - American Businessman
"I wanted to say a big THANK YOU to my friend, bro and trainer COACH MEDDY -It's crazy to be sure but we did it. When I first met Coach Meddy (you can read my testimonial on his FB page) he said he would change my life and wow did he ever. During this journey I lost 50kg but gained so much more in terms of finding the real Michael. Coach predicted when we met that I would lose 50kg but I thought he was crazy haha ... of course, when you have so far to go you cannot even imagine the end result, BUT, I trusted Meddy and I trusted the process of his programme. Whatever he said i did. In terms of Meddy's approach, it truly is PERSONAL training ... hardly a day went by, when he wasn't asking me how I felt, what I was eating/drinking, etc. in order to check results of the previous session and prepare for the next, and also to keep the motivation constantly going. It was a HUGE commitment of time, effort and energy for Meddy and I am truly grateful for his expertise and friendship along our journey. Was it hard? Of course. But I wouldn't trade it for the world, and I loved every minute of it. We did it the natural and sustainable way, with so many different exercises to adapt to the condition of my body on any particular day. It's really sad that Sunday I won't be doing mitt work with Coach but it's not the end of the journey, rather the end of Phase 1 with so much more to come. Thank you Coach Meddy for everything ... for pushing me every day and for your friendship along the way. I lost 50kg but I gained a friend for life and I am so proud of this. "
Mike Phillips - Former Rugby Captain of Wales
"A few months after my retirement, my former team called me back in emergency for 2 important games in South Africa. I was out of shape and worried about it, so I decided to contact Coach Meddy to help me. Believe it or not, a couple of weeks later I was in the shape of my life, even after 37 years old, I felt so young and fresh during these games and I was the best player of my squad. If you really want to make a change, try out this method!"
Jason Derulo - American Singer - International Artist
"As a Singer and Dancer artist, I have to be in shape to perform all over the world. I train with the best coaches in the world and Meddy is one of them. I train and did things I never did before in my life, it was crazy: Coach Meddy’s method is unique and I could get the results I always wanted to reach, plus he helped me to open my mind about doing the impossible. Trust me guys, Coach Meddy is the MAN!"
Mansour Barnaoui - World Champion MMA
"I was able to test Coach Meddy's method and it was a real pleasure to be able to work in a different way from what I usually do, it is important to have an open mind and to be able to enrich myself with new things to improve my performance."

Celebrities talk about it !

Adama Diakhaby (Football Player Huddersfield)
Djibril Sidibé (football Player AS Monaco)
Dan Zagadou (Football Player Bor. Dortmund)
Ibrahima Diallo (Football Player  Brest)
Nelson Semedo (Football Player  FC Barcelona)
Kurt Zouma (Football Player Chelsea FC)
Abdou Diallo ( Football Player Paris Saint Germain)
Rurik Gislason (Football Player  Islande)
Abdelraheem Almirza (football Player Fujairah)

This method was until now reserved to elites: athletes, celebrities and public figures... NOT ANYMORE !

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