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Set up in Dubai, Meddy has acquired a sound reputation with the celebrities, especially with the Football players, thanks to a unique method mixing Sports Combat and football. 

The LOVIN Dubai Show Ep#09: with Coach Meddy

Exclusive interview with Coach Meddy Lovin Dubai Show- Episode 9

There’s a reason why Jason Derulo has a chiselled chest and that’s because he has done some pretty crazy workouts

A personal trainer, a kickboxing coach, a professional athlete’s trainer, and a Thai boxing specialist – these terms encapsulate Coach Meddy. With over ten years of experience in the fitness industry, he has made a significant impact on the lives of athletes and celebrities.

OM: what becomes Patrice Evra? The adventure has ended violently last November 2 when this follower of meditation, zealous activist of the joy of living, sent a high kick to the face of a Marseille supporter who warmed his ears before a Europa League Match in Guimarães (Portugal).

"(Barcelona) are enjoying the last days of vacation in  Dubai, yet Portuguese internationals do not neglect the physical form and both went to train with  Coach Meddy, the personal trainer of the celebrities in Dubai. "Thanks for the training", they wrote in the images posted on Instagram. "

With over ten years of experience, Coach Meddy has been able to carve a unique space for himself in the world of fitness conditioning. His unique method and the achievements testify to the outcome of the MMF Protocol. This trainer-turned-fitness expert has established himself as a forerunner in the fitness space with services ranging from personal training, group training, kickboxing, athlete training and many more.

Celebrity fitness is a niche segment in the world of fitness simply because of the high standards involved. While coaching athletes or even actors for specific roles, fitness instructors have to deliver a ton of requirements. Working closely with dieticians, and sometimes even physiotherapists, celebrity fitness, nutrition specialists instructors have to ensure holistic fitness schedules for their clients. One such example of the celebrity fitness industry is Coach Meddy, who has a long list of achievements along with an equally long list of notable clients who swear by his training methods.

Coach Meddy is a name that certainly needs no introduction in the world of fitness. An accomplished French celebrity Personal Trainer and Social Media Influencer, Meddy’s popularity transcend the borders of Dubai, where he is currently based. Meddy’s impressive credentials include The Best Personal Trainer of the Year Award, The Fit Awards, 2017, UAE.

The former France forward, who now lives in Dubai, has set a record at Fairmont The Palm at the hotel’s state-of-the-art studio session where he trains with celebrity trainer, Coach Meddy.

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